European Archaeological Council Conference – Part 1

By Gareth Davies

Next week, I and  my colleagues Kristina Krawiec (Head of Geoarchaeology) and Paul Flintoft (York Regional Manager) are heading to the European Archaeological Council Conference to be held in Brussels at the Royal Library of Belgium. This is an opportunity for archaeologists and heritage managers to get together, and exchange ideas on how we manage our shared resource. 

This year the theme is Urban Archaeology and the Cities of Tomorrow, a topic that is particularly relevant to our work in York and Nottingham. We are particularly interested in some of the sessions and papers that will be focusing on new guidance for Public Benefit and Development-Led Archaeology, as well as Community Archaeology and the city of tomorrow. Maximizing the public benefit of our commercial work, engaging with the public and using archaeology to make better places is at the heart of the York Archaeology mission.

As part of the conference, Kristina and Paul will be presenting a paper that showcases our recent work partnering with AOC Archaeology for the City of York Council on a new deposit model for York, as well as work with the Universities of Hull and York on the presence of microplastics in significant archaeological deposits, which might present a threat to their integrity. You can read more about this work here. Our hope is that this work will contribute greatly to the successful management of York’s archaeological resource in the coming years, helping heritage managers to target sensitive deposits and allowing development-led archaeology to address important research questions in a systematic and cost-effective way.

We hope to provide an update on the conference proceedings whilst we are in Brussels next week to highlight some of the interesting things that are being said, so do watch this blog space!