York Archaeology's
Commercial Services

York Archaeology’s highly-experienced commercial team is a Registered Organisation with the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists. We work nationwide with clients across all commercial sectors, providing a comprehensive range of archaeological services, including consultancy, site investigation and mitigation, historic buildings and caves recording, geoarchaeology, deposit and finds analysis, conservation, and reporting.

We would consult both you and heritage officers in detail when we provide advice, to ensure that we understand your project aims and requirements. Where needed we can design and implement an appropriate archaeological scope of work which is time- and cost-effective, avoids impacts on heritage assets where possible and practical, and mitigates them where not.

York Archaeology is a trading name of York Archaeological Trust with offices in York, Nottingham and Sheffield.

You can learn more about York Archaeology here.

Consulting Services

Our consultants can provide advice on the potential risks and opportunities associated with cultural heritage and archaeology on your project.

Fieldwork Services

We can provide a full range of fieldwork services across the UK, from field evaluation and watching brief to large scale area excavation.

Specialist Services

We can provide a range of specialist services to aid the delivery of archaeological projects ranging from on-site geoarchaeological investigations to laboratory based conservation work.