We can work with you to provide the most efficient and effective mitigation of development impacts. We use a combination of traditional excavation, non-destructive methods and digital recording. Our team can provide mitigation on both small and large projects.

Our archaeological team can work with you to provide a wide range of services on site, as well as office-based reporting. By liaising closely with you we identify programmes of mitigation which are proportionate to the significance of the archaeological remains, minimising the impact on budget and programme while also satisfying the archaeological regulators. Our excavations maximise recording efficiency through the use of our bespoke digital data capture and management system which integrates data capture in the field on tablets and GPS / total station with office-based analysis, archiving and reporting. Our long experience of running community projects enables us to also include the delivery of public engagement where it is required.

More information on our reporting services can be found on our Analysis and Reporting page

Case Study

The five-year project at Hungate was the largest area of archaeological excavation in York. It was also one of the biggest developer-led projects in the U.K to date.

The project was funded by Hungate (York) Regeneration Ltd (HYRL), a joint venture between both Lend Lease and Evans Property Group to create a new Hungate neighbourhood. It delivered all of the requirements of the planning process on time and also to budget. During all stages we worked closely with HYRL to achieve their requirements and aspirations. This included integrating community involvement into the project; adding to the cultural sustainability of the development.

Hungate is an exemplar project and through it not only did we deliver community, outreach, education and public benefits but also engaged with all levels of society. We provided a wide variety of activities such as:

  • Open Days
  • Special Events
  • Talks
  • Training courses
  • Community arts projects,
  • School visits and workshops
  • Outreach
  • Exhibitions
  • Oral histories
  • Popular publications
  • Online resources
  • A popular PR and social media campaign
  • A huge legacy of archaeological research, skills development and public involvement.

Deeply stratified and complex archaeology, such as that encountered at Hungate, can present considerable risk to a client aspiring to develop in the historic core of a city if it isn’t managed by a professional and skilled organisation. The experience and skills, as displayed by our team at Hungate, allows for the progressive and positive management of the archaeological risks which can also afford benefits to all stakeholders in such a project.