Geoarchaeology uses methods and techniques from the disciplines of earth sciences, environmental archaeology and palaeoecology to understand past human-landscape interactions. We provide advice, assessment, surveys and mitigation strategies to identify and manage archaeological and palaeoenvironmental risk for our clients.

We provide a wide range of services such as:

  • Deposit modelling
  • Geoarchaeological desk-based assessment
  • Window sample/borehole and test pit surveys
  • GI Monitoring
  • Palaeoenvironmental analysis; pollen, insects, plant macrofossils, diatoms, ostracods and forams
  • Radiocarbon dating as well as OSL (Optically Stimulated Luminescence)
  • On site specialist sampling

Our Conservation service provides specialist hydrological modelling, geochemical analysis and assessment of preservation of deposits and artefacts.

Using these methodologies, we can provide a clearer understanding of the depositional sequence of a site. We can also identify the areas of archaeological potential and establish a baseline for the burial environment.

Our team works across the UK to provide specialist geoarchaeological services to a range of clients and stakeholders.

Geoarchaeology Case Studies

Recent work at for the National Trust’s wetland restoration scheme at Sandilands, Lincs, identified an early Neolithic peat deposit from which palaeoenvironmental assessment established the character of the landscape prior to marine transgression.

Our work within the aggregate extraction industry within the Trent valley has provided a significant contribution to the understanding of landscape change throughout the Holocene. This is critical to establishing the presence and preservation of archaeological deposits within both a floodplain wetland and a dryland valley side context.

In addition to our commercial work we are engaged with the research community. With our partners at AOC Archaeology we are working for City of York Council on the Historic England funded York City Deposit Model Project.

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