Nottingham’s cave systems are unique in their number and variety, and have protection through legislation and planning policy. We provide advice, assessment, surveys and mitigation strategies for managing these caves as part of research projects or in a development context.

Conservation of cave systems requires an understanding of their significance. We provide this through documentary research, rapid visual appraisals, measured surveys including 3D laser scans, interpretation and assessment.

Nottingham City Council attaches great importance to the conservation of caves, which can consequently be a very significant issue for development projects. We assist clients to manage their issues and develop their opportunities through informed consultancy, surveys, interpretation and appropriate mitigation.

Caves Case Studies

We completed the Caves of Nottingham Regeneration Project between 2010 and 2020, in association with SLR Consulting. The project was funded by Historic England, with contributions from Nottingham City Council and the University of Nottingham. The British Geological Survey, as well as the Nottingham Historical and Archaeological Society, provided additional support.

A wide-ranging review of Nottingham’s cave systems (currently totalling over 700) was provided. There was particular focus on sixty-six systems which were recorded by laser survey. The report includes an illustrated synthesis of current understanding of Nottingham’s caves, and descriptions and assessments of all the surveyed cave systems. This provides a valuable springboard for further research, publication and community engagement. Recommendations were also provided regarding best practice for managing caves in the planning process.  This proved useful to the city council when drawing up their Supplementary Planning Document.

The recent Confetti building development for Nottingham Trent University discovered a previously-unknown cave system during pre-commencement archaeological evaluation. The cave was investigated, recorded, and proved to be of particular importance, containing a rare instance of a well filled with large quantities of medieval pottery. We surveyed the cave system and worked with the client’s design team and the city’s planning archaeologist to protect it beneath the new building.

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