Analysis and Reporting

We provide post-excavation analysis and reporting on site assemblages, stratigraphic record to produce assessments, updated project design and final reports.

Our analysis and reporting services can support your project by documenting, interpreting, and disseminating the findings of archaeological investigations. These services ensure that the data collected from archaeological sites are properly analysed, interpreted, and communicated with client approval to relevant stakeholders, such as national and local agencies, researchers and the public.

Using data from our fieldwork and specialist teams we provide an integrated multi-disciplinary analysis of deposits, features, structures and artefacts. In doing so we gain an understanding of a site, its inhabitants and its development through time.

Cataloguing analysis and reporting in Hungate

Our detailed reports include research objectives, methodologies, results of specialist analyses, interpretations and conclusions. Levels of analysis and output formats are proportionate to the significance of the findings. They provide dissemination of the results of a project in a range of formats, as appropriate, including initial assessment, updated project design, planning submissions, final published report or more popular accounts.

Our services can also include public outreach to disseminate information about research findings. This can involve educational programs, public lectures, museum exhibitions, and online resources to engage the broader community.

Archaeological analysis and reporting services are essential for advancing our understanding of the past, preserving cultural heritage, and making the results of the archaeological work known. They bridge the gap between fieldwork and the broader dissemination of knowledge to various audiences.

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